Special Use


MiscPropertyTypesPicCJM has done appraisals of car washes, skating rinks, sawmills, marinas, wetlands, and airplane hangars.






worship Churches are bought and sold (although relatively seldom) like any other property type and, over the years, CJM has appraised quite a few churches.

Gradual growth of planning department anti-worship facilities bias over the past 50 years has generated a supply/demand imbalance. As worship facilities expand, they occasionally reach the point where existing facilities become inadequate; however, in many cases additional expansion is not allowed, and the lengthy (years) approval process for new worship facilities development in an alternative location is prohibitive. Subsequently, when a larger worship facility becomes available, the ultimate purchase price can be a result of prospective purchasers making offers exceeding the initial asking price.



MSaerialSelf-storage facilities also need ease of access and, preferably, a location near larger employment or population bases, although profitable exceptions exist. Visibility and exposure are also important in terms of maximizing occupancy levels. We have appraised self-storage facilities in diverse locations, both urban and rural, ranging from under 100 units to nearly 1,000 units. Generally speaking, self-storage development can enjoy above-average profitability. Where demand is favorable, income levels can justify values significantly exceeding development costs. In addition to visibility, exposure, and location, adequate/evident security and conscientious management are necessary to maximize income productivity.

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