Retail Market Trends Yakima County Q3 2019

Retail Market Trends Yakima County Q3 2019

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The graph below indicates annual NNN asking rates are inconsistent, with the 2019 average asking rate identical to the 2014 rate ($14.00/SF) and, as the trend line indicates, annual asking rates are flat, if not trending downwards slightly.[1]

Current Vacancy Levels

CJM’s survey of area properties indicates vacancy of about 11.50%, although the smaller properties (under 20,000 sq. ft.) reported a vacancy rate of about 6.50%.


Realty Rates OAR information, which is less relevant given its national survey, suggests free standing retail building OARs are declining, while PwC’s survey suggests retail strip center (the only generally similar retail OARs available from PwC) rates are rising; CoStar’s regional retail OAR survey indicates a modest decline.

The six Yakima properties listed in the table below were tenant-occupied and sold during the past four years. Overall capitalization rates (OARs) among the Yakima sales presented range from 4.57% to 10.52% with a central tendency of 7.42%


No. Designation/Location Year Built/Ren. Sale Date RSF Sale Price OAR
1 Lincoln Subway, 1607 West Lincoln Ave, Yakima 2004 May 29, 2019 1,600 $460,000 6.52%
2 Nob Hill Building, 2201 West Nob Hill Blvd, Yakima 2002 May 1, 2019 6,545 $920,000 9.13%
3 Nob Hill Mixed-Use Building, 2112 West Nob Hill Blvd, Yakima 1977 December 13, 2016 9,910 $750,000 10.52%
4 Tahoma Square, 1905 South 1st Street, Yakima 2015 September 26, 2016 4,736 $2,800,000 5.67%
5 Union Gap Strip Center, 1601 East Washington Ave, Union Gap 2006 June 1, 2016 9,745 $2,075,000 8.11%
6 Red Robin – Yakima, 2702 W. Nob Hill Blvd., Yakima 2014 September 2, 2015 5,800 $1,923,909 4.57%


The data indicates sale prices are generally ranging from about $120 to $150/sq. ft. since 2015, with 2019 prices up about 10.5% year-over-year with 2019 sales volume the highest since 2015.[2]

Marketing & Exposure Periods

Yakima competing commercial building sales reported marketing periods generally ranged from about six to 12 months over the past six-plus years with volume averaging about 65,000 sq. ft. per year.


Research indicates Yakima annual retail rates are inconsistent, with a downward trend; the selected comparable rentals reported annual rates ranging from about $5.75 to $30.00/sq. ft., reflective of the inconsistent market. CJM’s survey of area properties indicated vacancy of about 11.50%, although the smaller surveyed properties (under 20,000 sq. ft.) reported a vacancy rate of about 6.50%. Competing market commercial building sale prices per sq. ft. ranged from about $125 to $150/sq. ft., with recent volume increasing.


  No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5
Name Mariscos El Nayarita Mercado Latino #2 Greek Kabob Restaurant Ding Ho Restaurant Lone Star Ranch House
Address 601 Fruitvale Blvd 718 South 6th Street 3312 West Nob Hill Blvd. 1502 W. Washington Ave. 8807 Ahtanum Road
City Yakima Yakima Yakima Yakima Yakima
Market North Yakima Central Yakima West Yakima SW Yakima SW Yakima
Sale Date April 1, 2019 October 26, 2018 March 23, 2018 April 13, 2017 January 10, 2015
Year Built/Ren. 1955 1925 1996 1945 1984
Building GBA 3,211 3,042 2,368 5,703 3,370
Building RSF 3,211 3,042 2,368 5,703 3,370
Parking Adequacy Appears Adequate Appears Below-average Appears Adequate Appears Adequate Appears Adequate
Site Location Corner Corner Corner Corner Mid-block
Frontage[3] 175 feet 170 feet 220 feet 150 feet 155 feet
Exposure[4] ~10,000 ADT <5,000 ADT ~21,000 ADT ~12,000 ADT ~5,000 ADT
Vehicle Ingress/Egress Direct Direct Direct Direct Direct
Sale Price $110,000 $320,000 $342,500 $780,000 $332,500
Price/SF $34 $105 $145 $137 $99
Comments Single-story former-Mexican restaurant located on the northern periphery of the Yakima CBD; adequate onsite parking, fire damage in April 2018 Single-story commercial building with frontage on commercial arterial; no onsite parking Single-tenant restaurant building on corner lot in a commercial corridor of Yakima. Single-tenant restaurant building in a transitional neighborhood near the Yakima Airport. Single-tenant restaurant building in a residential neighborhood of Yakima.

[1] Data courtesy of CBA

[2] Data courtesy of CBA

[3] Per County GIS mapping service


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